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By Professor Abne M.Eisenberg

It costs you nothing and could bring a great deal of sunshine into your life. The power of a warm and engaging smile cannot and should not be underestimated.

As body language, your smile makes you look younger, more attractive, relieves stress, improves your immune system, lowers your blood pressure, and tells people that you are friendly and approachable.

Which of your friends and relatives smile and which ones hardly ever smile? How do you feel about the smilers? Ask everyone you meet tomorrow to show you their smile. See which smiles appear genuine and which ones look artificial. Ask close friends to describe your smile. Is it warm, inviting, forced and honest?

Like fingerprints, smiles depict character and personality.  It might be a good idea to investigate the treasure that is sitting right under your nose.

Did you know a smile does not mean the same thing in other parts of the world? In Russia, a random smile suggests that the person is either crazy or a chump. In Scandinavia, it denotes an inability to show emotions. In Asia, it does not indicate joy or friendliness, but can convey pain or embarrassment. In Japan, it prevents imposing one’s unhappiness or sadness on others.

Not all smiles are alike. The muscles that create a smile are not always the same on both sides of the mouth. Sometimes, one overpowers the other producing a crooked smile. Photographers tell us that people complain about their smile more than any other facial feature. Most people have difficulty describing their own smile. While they might say that it is warm, inviting, and believable, defining it in words is often difficult.

In the blink of an eye, the contraction of seventeen muscles in your face can produce a smile. It can bring back happy or sad memories from thirty or forty years ago. Unlike so many other things you can give away, you can share your smile with others and still keep it.

Scientists continue to have difficulty figuring out why smiles have such magnetic power. While they are able to identify different kinds of smiles, they are unable to figure out how millions, perhaps billions of brain cells, orchestrate a single smile capable of having such magical power.

So weave your personal magic and smile!

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