Letter to the Editor

Evan Gold October 4, 2012 0

Damn the First Amendment, it’s no longer worth the paper it’s written on. Like the Trojan horse at the gates of Troy, the soul of our Republic is under attack.

Clearly, this once sacred edict has lost its virginity. It has been pimped and prostituted to the extent that it now validates explicit pornography, the perversion of a crucifix in a jar of urine and the ugly 4 letter word that means copulating. How shameful! The ruthless demons in this sociological nightmare includes a shameless coterie of recording companies and rock and rap groups that lack the social conscience to exercise any semblance of morality.

Indeed, like the pied piper of Hamelin, these obscene partners in rhyme have articulated a lyrical litany of social and political that has led our children into an abyss of immorality that is unprecedented in the history of our nation.

As for the co-conspirators in this chamber of horrors, they include that same old gang of of inveterate malcontents; the lunatics fringe of the American left and those narrow-minded, over-educated pimps of Academia. Clearly, the parochial mentality of this unholy alliance has produced a shameful rate of drug and alcohol abuse, school dropouts and teenage pregnancies.

Regrettably, we have become a nation that has lost its sense of values and common decency. Indeed, while responsible leaders attempt to address the malaise that plagues our house, the American left cites the first amendment and simply rationalizes every lewd and immoral act known to man. Surely, historians will document the dawn of the 21st century as the American Renaissance of decadence. So much for our great American heritage. Indeed, we have betrayed our founding fathers.

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