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For all of you that have enjoyed this paper for the past 32 years, we hope we have helped by educating, entertaining and enlightening you. Today, we’re asking you to consider helping us do the same for boomers and seniors across the country.

As you well know, today’s economy and government policies have not been friendly to small businesses. In recent years, many companies have struggled to stay in business and find it hard to grow. The red tape involved with expansion is challenging, especially considering the pullback instituted by banks for commercial loans.

These are tough circumstances, but because of your loyalty and interaction throughout the Tampa Bay region, we know the information we provide to you would be just as valuable to a senior in Seattle, Detroit or Des Moines. So we intend to share our information with other seniors with the help of our friends and families.

The numbers don’t lie, there are many markets across the U.S. that have double and triple the population of boomers and seniors we have in Tampa Bay. We feel we can serve those markets with meaningful, helpful information just like we do in Tampa Bay, not to mention that we will create employment opportunities and stimulate local economies, helping other small businesses grow everywhere we go.

So, we’re not holding back. We’ve found a path to reach other U.S. markets, and we’re going for it. But we need your help. Frankly, were facing huge expenses in legal costs, fees to the Federal Trade Commission and registration fees for every state we enter. So, we have enlisted in a capital raising program called KickStarter. It’s a website where supporters like you can pledge your financial support for our project.

You can find it online at At the top of the page there is a box that says, “Search projects.” Simply type in the words The Franchise Project and hit enter. There, we have posted a short video explaining our project and how you can help!

Please watch it and share it with your friends and families through email, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and any other communication means you have. We only have 45 days to meet our goal, and if we do not succeed, our project will not be funded. We need as many helpers as we can generate to make this a success.

In exchange for your backing, we have assembled a variety of trades that we suspect will be attractive to you. We only need a small amount of support from a large number of people to make this work, so please do not consider this an expensive proposition for you, personally.

We have set our goal to help us move from serving Tampa Bay to serving many cities across the country, and if your support and receptivity to our work is any indication at all, then we know our newspaper will be welcomed and successful in other markets as well.

Your letters, phone calls, emails and Facebook posts have convinced us that we can make this work. Please help fund our project with a trade as small as even $15 because it will make a very large impact on our goal to pass on intelligent, insightful information to people just like you across the U.S.

Many thanks for your ongoing support, and we appreciate your help! Visit to view our trade offers. We hope you will give us your vote of confidence and demonstrate your belief in our vision to become the “Voice” of Senior America.


Timm Harmon

President, Senior Voice America

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