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Today, March 4th, on Health, Wealth & Wisdom: 4pm on 1470 am WMGG

The word on the street is that only 5 out of 100 people can actually financially retire. Is that true and if so what do you need to get in order to be able to be one of those five? Financial planner John Lynn, Retirement CPR 4 U, will join us today to direct all of us on what he recommends.

Detecting cell phones can be very important for teachers or employers. Scott Shober, of Berkeley Varitronics, discusses what his product does to stop the incessant interruptions by cell phones.

Consumer advocates state that the number one complaint by Americans has been identity theft and financial fraud over the past year. Tasha Carter and Robin Westcott, Florida Division of Consumer Services, work tirelessly to help protect Floridians. What do you need to know for your own protection?

With the tax filing deadline just around the corner Michael Gutter, Univ. of Fla, will join us to offer 10 Tax Tips to help you save.

Want to look years younger and never have to have that facelift or one of a 100 different medical procedures? Well known make-up artist Barry Knapp will offer new information about Oxygenetix.

Immigration is a major political battleground being fought today by our elected officials. But what are the issues and facts, and what does immigration reform actually mean to Americans? Matthew McKeever, Mount Holyoke College, joins us today to discuss that very topic.

And so many more things to talk about today with Evan and Deb in the afternoon on Health, Wealth & Wisdom.

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