Mother’s Day Tributes

Julie Heidelberg May 6, 2013 0
Mother’s Day Tributes

What a beautiful thing it was to receive letters from our readers over the past two months honoring their mothers with memories, tributes and poetry. It is always a pleasure to hear from you, and I hope that all of our moms and grandmothers are loved, honored and pampered this Mother’s Day.

As a mother, I know that being “Mom” is not easy. My children are still young, and even though I am an older parent, the wisdom of motherhood only comes through raising children. Maturity helps, but I know I fall short sometimes when a new challenge or dilemma comes along — and I still have to get my two girls through their teenage years!

While I might not have all the answers and correct responses ready-made for my children, I do have a strong desire to create situations that instill deep memories, feelings and connotations like those shared in our May issue of Senior Voice America. Perhaps I will be able to control some circumstances that resonate and linger in my daughters’ minds, but I suspect their most treasured memories will derive from things that occur naturally – and that puts a lot pressure on me to just keep doing what I’m doing – but to do it right. How is that, exactly?

If anyone out there has a secret recipe for being the best mom ever, then we need to negotiate on sharing that well-kept formula! Otherwise, I’m left to my own judgment and the wisdom my own mother and the other wise women around me have imparted over the years. On behalf of my little angels, here’s hoping I get it right!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Moms!

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